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2023 Spring Registration



Welcome to Eagles Lacrosse 2023 Spring Registration.

This registration will allow you to register for Boys K-6th grade and Girls 1st-6th grade. There are a few changes for this season, so please follow the instructions in emails and on the website.

7th & 8th grades are run by ESD as a Spring sport, so you do not need to register with Eagles Lacrosse for those grade levels.


Spring Season Overview

Eagles Lacrosse Families,

As we look to Lacrosse season and the Spring of 2023, we wanted to share some changes we are making after a lot of evaluation and discussion as a board and with many of our community. For Eagles Lacrosse, especially at the lower school ages, we are focused on four priorities. We want to do everything we can to give our players the best experience possible and believe this aligns the interests of developing our Eagles and ESD lacrosse program now and for the future. These priorities are:

- Developing a love of the sport, while having fun
- Strong skills development
- Good competition
- Practices and games closer to home

For both girls and boys, we have been working diligently to get our spring season as ironed out as possible. The changes will mostly impact the boys’ program, but we will continue to work to develop the experience for everyone this season and for the future.

1st-6th grades will participate in TGYLL organized by Eagles Lacrosse.

For boys’ Kinder, Primer, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades, we explored a number of options and ultimately, the Board decided to have these grades participate in the Deuces in-house league. Players will register individually through Deuces but will be assigned to Eagles Lacrosse only teams. This is similar to the DFWL but allows us to remain more local (playing games at Jesuit) and set game times week to week, while also playing a variety of competition that is appropriately aged and focused on developing players. We will be using our Eagles Lacrosse uniforms. In addition, we will have Eagles coaches and practices for our teams to give more opportunities, as outlined below.
K-4th grades will be run by Eagles Lacrosse and participate in the Deuces In-House League.
5th/6th grades will be run by Eagles Lacrosse and participate in DFWL.

Practices and additional games:
1. Finalizing details on a weeknight, indoor facility set to open Spring 2023.
2. We will set a practice schedule for one day per weekend at ESD.
3. Additional games for the K-4th grade boys teams.
4. We will start practices on the weekend of January 21/22 or 28/29.

As with any program structure, we are looking for great coaches for these teams. If you or anyone you know has played or coached lacrosse and might be interested in coaching, please have them reach out. This is critical to the long-term success of our program. We will also be asking for parent reps to help with each team, so please let us know on that as well!

Thank you for your support and we are looking forward to a great 2023 lacrosse season.

Sandy Boyce
Eagles Lacrosse Boys’ Program Director

Dixon Merkt
Eagles Lacrosse Girls’ Program Director

Registration Instructions


Girls Teams will be run by Eagles Lacrosse for grades 1st through 6th. Please sign up using the information in the registration.

Boys Teams in 5th & 6th grades will be run by Eagles Lacrosse and participate in DFWL. Please sign up using the information in the registration.

Boys Teams K-4th grade will be run by Eagles Lacrosse and participate in the Deuces In-House League. This will require two steps. First, please sign up with Eagles Lacrosse using the information in the registration. You will receive a confirmation email with a discount code to register for Deuces at the normal rate. Second, you will sign up with Deuces via their website and link in the confirmation email. This will also include specific directions to use in the registration process.


For questions related to the boys programs, please contact:
Sandy Boyce
(214) 288-9969

For questions related to the girls programs, please contact:
Dixon Merkt
(305) 725-5063

For questions related to the website, please contact:
Kelly Gubert
(281) 450-5539